The Revenue Impact module of Analyze is a feature that will help you determine the financial impact of your NPS results. It uses the number of customers you have, your average revenue per customer (ARPU) and your NPS to calculate its projections. 

Revenue Impact will forecast potential new revenue from Promoters, the long term revenue risk of Passives, and the short-term revenue risk of your Detractors.  It will also provide a chart that tells you how much you stand to gain by converting detractors into promoters.

You can change the amount of customers and average revenue per customer by clicking "change." The projections will recalculate based on your changes.

Formulas for calculating revenue impact:

The formula to calculate Revenue Impact originate from the foundational NPS methodology text. The 50% and 30% multipliers used are general approximations across all business types. ARPU = Average Revenue Per User

Short Term Revenue In Danger: Number of detractors * 0.5 * ARPU (Half of detractors are likely to leave soon)

Long Term Revenue In Danger: Number of passives * 0.3 * ARPU (in the next  6 months, 30% of passives are likely to leave)

Potential Revenue Growth: Number of promoters * 0.3 * ARPU (30% of promoters are likely to make a referral that turns into a long term customer) 

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