How likely would you be to recommend Acme Systems to a friend or colleague? (Scale from 0 - 10)

Why did you give Acme Systems that rating? (Open ended)

How would you rate Acme in the following areas? (1-5, 1 = terrible, 5 = excellent)
a. Quality of customer service
b. Price
c. Performance
d. Quality of product experience

How did you first hear about Acme?
a. By word of mouth
b. Reading online/newspapers/etc.
c. Watching an advertisement
d. Searching for similar products

Which of the following factors were the most influential in leading you to use Acme? (Choose all that apply)
a. Awareness of the Acme brand
b. Positive reviews
c. Past experiences with Acme
d. Affordability
e. Depth of customer resources and support
f. No awareness of competitive products

If you could improve one aspect of your experience with Acme, what would it be? (Open ended)

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