You can programmatically trigger email invitations using our API. This option is frequently used as an integration point with Salesforce or other CRMs. A common use case is to trigger a follow up email after closing a customer support request.

To enable the API endpoint for your survey, navigate to Setup and click the Data Sources link:

Toggle the API option.

You’ll find the API endpoint and access token listed on the Summary page:

The API expects a POST request, with the provided Authorization token.

There are two valid formats for the body of the API request: a single recipient, or multiple recipients.

For a single recipient, here is an example request body (NOTE: these code examples are fixed width for display):

Successful response:

  • A successful response will include all the current data for the matching Person and Account. 
  • If a delay was set, the run_at attribute will report when delivery is estimated.

This API endpoint can also accept up to 100 records at once. Each element has the same options as the singleton example above. You must only wrap each in an array:

Successful response:

Error cases:

  • Unprocessable requests will return with a 422 header code.
  • Too many replies - if you send a request with too many person records. Default limit is 100
  • Email Suppressed - You have disabled this customer from receiving emails
  • Recipient opted out - The customer has opted out of further communications
  • Email address bounced - The email address has been identified as a bounce
  • Touch limit exceeded - If you have enabled the touch limit on your survey, this error message indicates the recipient has already received an email in the allotted period
  • "Content header type not defined" - Add a header for it, as in Content-Type: application/json
  • Capitalization and spacing must match the above examples 
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